Navigating the Waters with Grace and Respect



The United Methodist Church is at a crossroad to potentially split over significant theological differences, including the authority of scripture, the deity of Christ, the nature of salvation, and matters of human sexuality and related ordination.

Navigating the Waters is the phrase many churches use for a time of discernment for our denomination, our conference, our church, our clergy, and our laity.

St. Luke’s is a part of the Texas Annual Conference (TAC). 


St. Luke’s UMC  is a traditional Wesleyan congregation committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. Because of the slow and steady drift of The United Methodist Church from its historic Christian mission, St. Luke’s UMC, along with hundreds of other churches in the Texas Annual Conference, is faced with the decision of whether to remain in or disaffiliate from the UMC. No one can fully understand the implications of remaining or disaffiliating to another denomination. Still, recent factors dictate a strong need to enter a time of methodically navigating the process of considering the presented options.

Should St. Luke’s UMC  disaffiliate with the UMC, we could consider affiliating with a new denomination known as the Global Methodist Church (GMC), recently formed in May. Other options are remaining independent for a defined and short time frame or affiliating with another denomination, such as the Free Methodists.

A bit more about the Global Methodist Church: this denomination will consist of former United Methodists from North America, Europe, and elsewhere. It has much work to do in the ordination process for new pastors, the logistics of pastors and their appointments, the nature of the Episcopacy, and crucial printed resources for operating the local church and a denomination.


*NOTE* the 40 days of prayer began on July 24 and runs through August 25.