Mother's Day Out Director

Executive Skills Required


  • Provide for the safety of children while in the MDO Program
  • Recruit, hire, train and evaluate MDO Staff
  • Evaluate, develop and implement marketing materials for MDO
  • Coordinate MDO staffing schedule to ensure that MDO is adequately staffed for managing classroom
  • Directly supervise MDO staff; call on substitute teachers when necessary
  • Maintain/update program and staff records
  • Prepare any budget data or other routine/special reports as needed
  • Assist financial office with any MDO financial data as needed
  • Closely monitor each classroom and stand in as a teacher when necessary
  • Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with MDO staff and give constructive feedback when required
  • Promote parental and staff understanding of the growth and development of the children
  • Respond to program inquiries and conduct tours of the facilities/program for prospective parents
  • Participate with the MDO & Church Board in the development and assessment of annual goals and objectives for the MDO Program

Onsite Expectations


  • Greet parents and children when they arrive at St. Luke’s MDO
  • Communicate with parents when they return to pick up children regarding any problems that occurred during the day
  • Conduct new employee orientation
  • Record and report MDO staff hours for payroll purposes to Finance Office
  • Purchase inventory supplies and equipment and ensure that these items are available as needed. (Note:  At present, all of our classrooms are shared with the church, so changes would need to be coordinated with the Childrens’ Director.   There is also a sharing of supplies in the resource room with the church that would need to be coordinated with the Children’s Ministry Director.
  • Ensure MDO area and equipment are kept in good order and repair
  • Prepare calendar for each classroom and distribute to parents on monthly basis
  • Communicate with parents as to schedule changes (e.g. power outages, water main breaks, etc.)
  • Write/edit Employee Handbook and train employees on policies and procedures
  • Enroll children in MDO and determine appropriate placement
  • Plan special event days (e.g. Mother’s Day, Holiday performance, etc.)
  • Organize/lead regular MDO meetings
  • Plan monthly theme and associated age-appropriate activities for children in  MDO
  • Research and implement new ideas to augment curriculum
  • Serve as liaison to church staff for MDO
  • Report to the MDO Board, Single Board, Pastor on a regular basis as necessary
  • Attend St. Luke’s MC staff meetings as requested or needed


Minimum Requirements


  • Managerial experience (preferably in a multifaceted, church-related child care program)
  • Classroom experience with young children or willing to receive training or mentoring
  • Strong interpersonal and problem solving skills concerning conflict and resolution
  • Marketing expertise (including use of social media)
  • Budgeting experience
  • Strong computer skills and experience
  • CPR and Safety training
  • Background and Credit Check prior to employment

Information about an additional salaried position with children is available upon request.